2 Hats and a French Speaking Baby

So we decide to have lunch at Brueggers. I am pretty excited about this on so many levels:

1. I haven’t been out of the house in 5 days because I have had this nasty cold, and
2. Their chicken spaetzle soup always makes me happy, and
3. I am dressed…in clothes without an elastic waistband. (hey, it has been a rough week being sick)

It is pretty quiet in there, but I choose a table by a little baby boy. I figure Sarah will get a kick out of being next to a baby. His mom is ordering their food and his cup falls to the floor. Being the nice person I am, I pick it up. She thanks me from afar and I say, “no problem” and I go about my business occupying Sarah while Tyler goes and gets our food.

So we get our food and begin eating. The mom and baby do too. I can not help but watch them as they are directly across from me. They are eating quietly while Sarah keeps saying “Hi baby” over and over. All is very nice. A sweet mom a sweet child.

Then the mom begins reading a book about colors. Oh, that is sweet. And then she reads it again in French. I took French for 8 years and know a little. At least enough to know that some of her words were wrong. Ok. Maybe she is learning French and has decided to teach her 1 year old French too. Still very nice. No judgement here.

Meanwhile, we are asking Sarah if she wants more. More bagel? More soup? This seems to be our standard line at mealtime, even though she has eaten enough to fill her little tummy. But, alas she is happily playing with her stuffed animal entourage of the day.

And then the mom turns to Sarah and tells her to eat her food. She turns to MY kid and tells her to eat her food. Really? Hmpf. It just would never occur to me to tell another child to eat their food. Ever. It is really none of my business.

Did I mention the phony French accent while reading that book? Perhaps I will judge a little…

So Supermom who is teaching French to her child continues to eat and then in the MIDDLE OF THEIR MEAL she whips out a hairbrush and begins to brush his hair. Really? Doesn’t that seem just a tad weird?

He has like, 20 hairs on his head tops. I can see doing a quick finger comb if it is in his eyes, but he has, like, no hair.

I kind of smile and look at Sarah who is wearing not one, but 2 hats on her head and has chosen to be decked out in Elmo and she completely does not match. She has cream cheese smeared on her cheeks and nose and I love it and I love her.

Even if she can’t speak French.


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