We'll Never Know

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictonary, to be mortified is to suffer from

…”severe and vexing embarrassment.”

This was my morning in a nutshell. 

It started off so great.  The birds were singing, the sun was shining… you get the picture.  Emily was eating her breakfast, Sarah was singing while eating her breakfast (I am not shitting you) and I was doing the dishes.  Sarah asked for more juice and I gave her more juice.  AND.  THEN.  SHE.  HAD.  THE.  MOTHER.  OF.  ALL.  TANTRUMS.

Apparantly, she wanted her juice in a cup she couldn’t have.  I am not sure exactly, because she started crying and screaming so much my mouth dropped open in horror.  It just happened so fast. 

Then she started kicking and hitting the chair she was sitting on. I got her off the chair and onto the floor so fast, mostly because I could hear myself saying to the ER doctor, “Well you see, sir, she cracked her head open from falling off of her chair while having a tantrum over a cup.”  And I really didn’t want to have that conversation so I moved her lickety-split.

She screamed and cried and hurled her pint sized body all around the house, and I kept trying to find out what in the hell she wanted, but I am still not sure.  She wasn’t going to stop her thrashing about to tell me. Finally (or after 3 minutes) I gave her a timeout in her room hoping to settle her down.

It was time to give my mom her daily morning wake-up call (that is a whole other post), and while I am waking up my mom in my standard, ultra-low, soft spoken “Good Morning it is time to wake HOLY SHIT HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM”  I hear a big bang  and out comes Sarah running down the hall screaming and crying.  I do not know how she did it.  The door knob lock was left undisturbed, but somehow she managed to open the damn door.  Sheer will, most likely.

We marched back in there and I turned off the lights and pulled her into my lap and we sat.  She settled down and let out the biggest sigh and whispered, “Sarah screamin’.  Sarah sad.  Night-night.”

A very good idea.

The whole thing took 10 minutes tops, but it felt like forever.  I crept out of that room and down the hall to 8 eyes staring at me in disbelief.  2 dogs, 1 cat and Emily.  It was like they were lined up waiting to see what was next.  Emily asked, “What did she want?”

We’ll never know.


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