And We Didn't Even Get Any Pictures

Mommy’s Checklist for the State Fair:

• 3 sippy cups (check)
• sweaters in case we get cold (check)
• camera to capture this wonderful family event (check)
• diapers and wipes(check)
• stroller (check)
• lip gloss for Tween Emily because she absolutely must have it with her at all times or the world will end (check)
• cheese sandwich for Toddler Sarah in case she hates the 500 available food options (check)
• new mix cd of songs to pump us up for the 30 minute car ride (check)
• snacks for car (check)
• remembering to actually give your toddler the snack on the way to the fair (not so much).
I had it all. I was ready. I was super-excited to go to the Fair this year since we hadn’t been for the past 2 years. There is just something about all of the food, watching the people, seeing the 40 different varieties of cows that just make me smile. It is seriously the only time of the year when I actually am interested in the mop that will magically clean any floor or the hub caps that have been turned into clocks. Huh, imagine that. Just fascinating. I don’t know why, but it is and I simply must go into their booth and learn more…

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Sunny and 72 degrees, not to mention the fact that we got the best parking and only had to walk 1 block. Tyler had come home early from work and we were going to leave after Sarah’s morning nap.

And then 40 minutes later I couldn’t figure out why our little Sarah was SCREAMING at the top of her lungs wanting everything that she can’t have, pitching an absolute fit for no reason at all… and then I looked at my watch and realized she hadn’t eaten and it was almost past lunch.

Crap. Shoulda given her the snack in the car. In all my excitement I forgot. Plain and simple. I didn’t think how not having that 1 graham cracker would impact the next hour of our day. Even though she probably would have only taken a few bites and most of it would crumble all around her, those 6 bites (most likely 3) would have spared us and her all of the tears and when it comes down to it – it is all my fault. I knew better.

And this is what is called Mommy Guilt. We all have it and it never seems to go away. You do your absolute best and then 1 misstep and everything unravels in a nanosecond.

It took 42 and 1/2 minutes, 2 cups of milk, an apple, some french fries and a super teeny tiny new stuffed turtle to get her back to normal, but we did it. (I am not opposed to a little bribery)

And you can bet, I will never forget that snack again…


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