The Ghost Did It

OH the things I used to remember!  I could remember everything.  I could make up a list in my head, while taking a shower, mind you, of what of what I needed at the store and then I’d get out of the shower, put on my make-up, do my hair, have a conversation with my husband and then go and write that list down.  It was a work of art, I tell you.

Now, not so much.

After the birth of my second child my short term memory sucks.  I mean really, really sucks.  Now let’s say I need body wash.  In the time it takes me to run to the kitchen to write it down, I have forgotten what I wanted to write down in the first place.  It is unbelievable!!!  And, sometimes, I do run. 

I can not tell you how many times I find myself in a room of our house wondering why exactly I am in that room.  “Hmmm.  Why am I here?  What did I need to do in here?  I must have wanted to do something…”

I often think that I should keep track of the amount of time I spend trying to remember what I forgot, but I forget to keep track.  So let’s just say it is a lot of time. 

My family finds this whole thing hilarious.  My husband bought me a handy-dandy notepad that hangs on our bathroom doorknob.  Way cool.  He was so proud.  Unfortunately, while searching for a pen, I forget what I wanted to write down.  Just super… so now that damn notepad hangs there (blank) mocking me.

So now let me tell you about yesterday…  In the morning I went to put sugar in my coffee and the sugar container was really low.  After each cup of coffee the sugar got lower and lower – to the point that I was basically just scraping the bottom of the container.  All day I was thinking that I had to refill the container, but then I moved on to something more important.  Then came dinner.  I reached into the cupboard to grab some thyme and the sugar container was FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mouth fell open.  When did this happen?  I know I wanted to fill it up, but I couldn’t remember actually doing it.  I kept retracing my day, over and over, trying to remember when I did it, but came up with nothing.  So I asked my dear old family at dinner if any of them possibly refilled the sugar, knowing that they didn’t, but hoping just the same.

We ate, we played outside, we came in and all the while in my head it just nagged at me.  When did I do it?  And finally I came up with the only logical answer:

We must have a ghost and the ghost did it.

So today I am going to think really hard about having a super clean house.  You never know…


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