You Had Me at the Pleather

Last week was our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!! We decided before our first anniversary that we would go old school and give each other the traditional gifts that marked each year to make it more fun.

I will be honest with you. I kind of let this one slide a little bit. Ever since school started this year I have been a little bit behind. I flipped the calendar over and realized that I hadn’t even thought about our anniversary. Usually, these things take some time to plan, but luckily I came up with an idea. This year’s theme is leather. I got him a frame surrounded with faux leather and I digitally scrapbooked a photo from our wedding with some mushy stuff written on it. The unfortunate part is that it took a while to find the frame because apparently no store in our area carries this type of frame, not even Michaels. Grrr. The frame arrived 2 days late, but at least I was able to drag my sick body out to find 2 nice cards. I was kind of hoping that he forgot as well because I really felt bad about his gift being late.

He didn’t forget.

I woke up to 2 big bags sitting by my coffee pot. Damn.

I groggily stroll out to the living room, coffee cup in hand and mutter something about maybe we could celebrate in 2 days? Yeah, not a chance he says. He is so bright eyed and excited for me to open my gifts he says he wanted to give them to me 2 days ago.

I am feeling just peachy now – and riddled with guilt.

So I go and get the bags and begin to slowly open them.

Now, I love to give gifts. To plan the perfect gift and see the excitement or joy on the person’s face when they open whatever I have made or bought. I am not, not, not a good gift receiver. I get nervous. I don’t know why. I like the thought of getting gifts, but when I actually have to open something, I get nervous. I think it goes back to age 8 when my mom got me a brown velour v-neck sweater (ick). I remember smiling and saying I liked it when I really hated it. I am pretty sure I thought something else would be in that box, you know, something fun? So basically that sweater has scarred me for life.

I open the bag and inside is a jar. Wrapped around the jar is a red strip of leather (ok, it is pleather, because leather is expensive!) On that pleather strip Tyler has written:

The Weekly I Love Jar
Once a week
take out a
piece of leather
think of me saying, “I Love” then read the leather strip.

Stuffed inside the jar are 52 strips of red pleather. Knowing me so well he has instructed me not to dump the entire contents of the jar onto the floor and read each one. Darn.

I have never been so blown away in my entire life. So thoughtful, romantic and handmade!!

What’s in the second bag, you ask? Well, it was a beautiful Coach wallet that matches both of my purses. I haven’t had a new wallet in 16 years and needed one badly. I have never been able to spend that kind of money on a wallet. Luckily he did get it at the Outlet. He was pretty proud of that. I appropriately hugged my wallet and then put it aside, stood up and hugged him tight and said, “You didn’t have to get me the wallet, you had me at the pleather.”

Next year’s theme is Fruit, Flowers and Books. I am going to start planning now.


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