Texting – An Educational Experience?

I sit here this morning feeling very sad that Tyler has left for 3 days to care for his mom during her hip surgery. I miss him, terribly, even if it has only been a few hours. He is a ray of light that brightens and warms this house. So here I am clicking away at the blogs I wish to read today and I get a text from him. It has a picture attached of what his rental car looks like – it is a real dud, I tell you. Isn’t it cool that he can be 4 states away and send me a picture of his car instantly?  Oh technology.  And I chuckle to myself.

What a FOOL I was! What a HYPOCRITE I have been!

Here are some of the things that came out of my mouth 6 months ago when I needed a new cell phone:

Why in the world would I need a super fancy phone? I am a mom. I rarely even leave the house!

Nobody needs to text. What’s the point? Just pick up the phone and call the person already! How impersonal.

No Emily, you do not need a phone – you do not need to text. You are 9 years old! Pass a note to someone if you really need to write!

(Oops, hang on, Emily just texted me… she needs me in her room – pronto.)

Yep, you guessed it! I got a new super fancy phone and I text. I am, like, totally with it… (finally) You can’t see me, but I am hanging my head in shame. I was so adamant back then. I had no clue. Technology is really great even if I am years behind everyone else.

We did a buy one get one free deal and I was pretty hesitant about Emily getting one, but when she is at her dad’s twice a month, it is so wonderful to hear from her and keep in touch. At her age I am the only one she texts and she does use it often. Although, I did hear from her more often before I told her that texting would be great spelling practice…

Now don’t get me started on Twitter… What is with that?! LOL 😉


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