Make a Favicon For Your Blog

I spent a HUGE amount of time working on my blog mostly because I just knew I could figure things out. I was able to design my header and the sidebar titles, but then when push came to shove, I just couldn’t get them on my blog the way I wanted to and I couldn’t waste any more time trying to learn that dreaded code, so I went over to LeeLou Blogs and she spiffed everything up and installed everything for me. Thank you LeeLou!!

Once the basic blog design was finished I still tinkered around with things. One of the things I really wanted to do was a favicon. After much trial and error, I did it and I hope to pass along my findings to you!!!


Step 1:
Create a new 125×125 pixel document. I used Photoshop. I actually made a few different ones and then chose the one that was easiest to see.

Step 2:
Upload your file to Dynamic Drive They will change your file into an .ico format. I tried their instructions on how to add the favicon code, but it did not work for me so move on to…

Step 3:
Now that you have your icon, upload it to ImageBoo and copy the URL

Step 4:
Go to the layout of your blog and get ready to Edit your HTML. Remember to first save and back-up your template!!!!!

Now go to the Blog Doctor.  Scroll down to the 4th paragraph and follow his code instructions.  Remember when he says to add the URL of GOOGLEPAGES, you need to replace it with your URL at IMAGEBOO.

If you are having problems finding the tags he asks for, copy and paste your entire template into NotePad. Then, under the Edit tab, go to Find and type in that piece of code that you are looking for.

Step 5

  • Save Template.
  • Clear your cache (Click “Safety” and select “Delete Browsing History”, make sure “Temporary Internet Files” and “History” is checked, then click “Delete”. If you want, you can also opt to delete cookies.)
  • Refresh your Blog and voila! Your new favicon will be there!

If you have problems, the Blog Doctor has a lot of troubleshooting information as well as info on how to make a flash favicon.  I did not have any problems, thank goodness!

Hope that helps you make a fantastic favicon!!!!! 


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