Real Ghosts on Halloween, Oh My!

This girl has crushed her children’s dreams on Halloween. I made the announcement earlier in the week that we are not going to the mall or to the zoo for trick-or-treating. Basically I really do not want to be around 2000 potentially sick kids or adults. End. Of. Story. Shockingly enough, Emily really didn’t mind at all. (I love you. I love you. I love you) We are still going around the neighborhood and that is the best part for her. Whew! I dodged that bullet.

I really felt bad about cancelling our plans so I came up with a new idea and pitched it to her. You see, she is at that age where all things ghostly and creepy and spooky are right up her ally. The scarier the ghost story, the better. So I told her that we would have a séance! I really do not know what that entails, but you should have seen that girl’s face light up!!!!

Basically, my plan is to light a candle and we can all hold hands and then I think I will say a bunch of pig Latin and try to conjure up my grandma from the dead. Sounds like fun, huh?! Yeah, it kinda does. However, Tyler doesn’t think so…

Tyler is afraid that we would actually conjure up a real ghost and then according to Tyler, we would have to move. Every single Halloween, Tyler says the same thing, “If we ever have a ghost, that’s it. We’re outta here. No packing. Just get in the car and go.”

Gosh I love Halloween.

Few things creep out my darling husband. And what can I say? I like love, to taunt him when given the opportunity. And those opportunities are rare.

I will let you know if we talk to any spirits or see any ghosts. I can guarantee that if we do, they won’t be staying with us for very long because:

1. Sarah would scream and, trust me, that scream is scarier than anything.

2. Emily would want to play with it so much the she would annoy it away.

3. And I would give it some cleaner and send it to the bathroom. Nobody wants to clean our bathroom.



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