The Spookiest Halloween Ever!!

If you read my Halloween post, you know that I shook things up bit and planned a séance to see if we could talk to my grandma. Now, my original plan was to make it lighthearted and fun… however things never go as planned.

The night before, Emily and I went online and we Googled “how to do a séance” and we found 3 articles. My thought was that we would do the opposite of what they told us to do because I really do not want any spirits in my kitchen unless I could guarantee that it could be my grandma. From what I read, you get what you get which is why I planned to go the opposite route. It would be just my luck that I would awaken some pissed off spirit with a vengeance, or even worse, a spirit with OCD who is angry that my house could be cleaner.

Tyler was still not on board. He was sure that I was heading into some bad territory and that I shouldn’t mess around.

So I get up on Halloween morning and get myself some coffee and notice that the time on my coffee pot is 1 hour and 13 minutes behind. I look at Tyler’s pot and his says the correct time and I start to laugh and go out to Tyler in the living room.

“That is funny!” I say. “What a way to start the day off with a bang, changing the time on my pot!” He is clueless and not amused. His thought is that my pot has Daylight Savings Time and missed the day. OK. Yeah right. My coffee pot cost $20 bucks and is not that smart. Plus, how do you explain the 13 extra minutes it fell back?

Now, he denies setting the clock behind. He swears on my life and the girls. No crosses. Plus, that is not how he rolls, he is really honest. His only other explanation is this, “I told you, you shouldn’t mess around with a séance! Now look what you’ve done. When it comes to this shit, I don’t mess around. I give you the correct answer once and then I am done. I don’t know what’s going on, and I don’t want to talk about it.”


We proceed on with our day, we carve pumpkins, we play, have lunch, etc and during Sarah’s afternoon nap we watched TV. We watched what any normal family who is planning to have a fake séance would watch: The Ghost Hunter marathon, of course!

OH MY GOSH – that is scary!!! We had never watched it before, but our 3 pairs of eyes were glued to the TV for 2 hours. So after having chills for 2 hours and sweating up my shirt I am thinking we should hold our little fake séance during the daylight hours, Emily is torn between meeting a ghost and being able to fall asleep for the rest of her life and Tyler is going to be a bad ass ghost hunter and he suddenly wants to do the real thing and do everything correctly.

Just great.

We have never trick-or-treated so fast in all of our lives. We came home, put Sarah to bed and Tyler started gathering a candle and a cross and that man even set up the video camera in case we miss anything flying over our heads.

This was not my original plan.

Luckily, Emily and I giggled throughout the entire thing and our 2 wonderful dogs were barking in the back yard at the trick-or-treaters. I may have blown on the candle once, to make it flicker, after Emily asked if anyone was present just to see how big Emily’s eyes could get. And Tyler blew on the candle once after I asked if my grandma was with us just to see how big my eyes could get.

All in all we were pretty relieved that nothing happened. And no, the playback of the videotape revealed nothing.

I will admit that I was a tad bit sad. My grandma always promised that she would come and visit me after she had died. I mean if she promised I could have pudding, I got pudding. If she promised that I could stay up late, I got to stay up late. The lady kept her promises.

We all slept great and it truly was the spookiest Halloween ever which is just what I had planned. Emily can’t wait to go to school and tell all of her friends about it and I am pretty sure that we will not be invited to many any Birthday parties once her friends tell their parents, but that is okay.

I do not know what happened to the clock on my coffee pot. And today, I do not know where the letter “Y” came from that has been missing for weeks from our refrigerator alphabet magnet set. Emily didn’t find it and put it there. Tyler didn’t find it either and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, “That just freaks me out. Stop it.” he says.

Who knows, maybe my grandma’s spirit really is here. Maybe she didn’t want to scare us last night and just wanted us all to have a good night sleep.


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