The Darn Paparazzi!

Sarah and I are leaving the grocery store today when a twenty-something girl literally ran over to us and started exclaiming how cute Sarah was in her glasses. She whipped out her phone and asked to take a picture of my kid.

“Ummm… no,” I said. It was kind of creepy. She wasn’t creepy. She was all 20 something and perky and cute. But, c’mon! I mean, really, why? Seriously. Why already? I have absolutely no balls whatsoever and did not ask that question. I wish I had because then I would know.

I think my girls are the cutest things ever, just like everyone thinks theirs are cute, but for a stranger to take her picture? Hasn’t she ever seen a toddler in glasses before? Actually I do have the answer to that….

Apparently no one in the beautiful state of Minnesota has seen a baby/toddler in glasses. Sarah got glasses when she was 14 months old. Her eyes had started to cross and after a visit to the eye Doc we learned that she is very seriously farsighted. They straightened out immediately after we put her new, pretty, aqua blue specs.

We were overjoyed at how they worked, but were totally, completely unprepared for what was to come. When we leave our house everyone and their brother, comments on her and those glasses. EVERYONE!!!! We are 100% on display all of the time. Even during tantrums. And in the bathroom. At my car. And at the doctor’s office…

Now to those of you who just walk by and say “Cute,” or “Oh that’s sweet,” Or, to those who talk to me and ask me all of the questions about babies and glasses, I say: Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

However, for the rest of you out there – Please stop getting into her little face. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of Stranger Danger? What absolutely kills me are the people who not only crouch down into her little face, but then are offended when she doesn’t respond to them! Really? She is freakin’ 2 years old!!!

Personally I think it is awesome that she hasn’t started smacking people at this point. She just gracefully looks at the ground and doesn’t say a word. For the first 6 months she used to just cry when people got into her face. You poor little sweetie.

Seriously folks, most of the time when people get annoyed that she won’t talk to them, I say that she is shy and has Stranger Danger and really doesn’t like people coming up close to her. I am being very polite and pretty direct, I think. Now… what do you think these people do? Do they move?

Hell No! They still stay there like they are going to be the ones to magically lift her fear of strangers. “Oh I’m a grandma” or “But, I’m a teacher, kids love me,” are some of the comments I have heard.

I have also been asked if her glasses are real. I have been told that she looks funny and freaky on more than one occasion. The freaky comment was from an older man at the doctor’s office. He has a kid with glasses and she looked “freaky too” so I guess it makes it okay.

So unless we are making a bazillion dollars and have become celebrities – please no more pictures.


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