Bigger is Better?

Yesterday Tyler and I were sitting outside while the girls played in the giant leaf pile and he asks me, “When is it socially acceptable to put out our Christmas lights?” I respond that any day the weather is nice – I mean, it is November already; we could have a foot of snow any day now.

Tyler gets a gleam in his eye and jumps off his chair. “I’ve got new lights this year,” he says, and proceeds to go into the garage to show me. “And I think that this year we are going to go bigger.”


What exactly does “bigger” mean? According to Tyler, this year he wants our house to be the one people drive by and look at.

I am on board as long as they don’t drive by and laugh. That would be bad.

The absolute greatest thing about my husband is that when he gets something into his head he puts 100% of himself into that project or idea. The day I said that my makeup drawer was annoying, he surprised me by building me a make-up drawer that housed everything in individual containers. Plus, knowing that I hate clutter, he built me a cabinet for my blow dryer and straightener.

When Emily was into Barbie’s he built her a house for them with a patio. When she decided she wanted a place to put her most private things, he built her a locker, with a padlock.

That is the kind of guy he is.

When I was a single mom and lived here I always put up lights, however it wasn’t much since I am not exactly fond of going up on a ladder. When Tyler and I married, he took over and put up lights on our roof and tree. Then the next year it was the roof, tree and fence. Each year has gotten somewhat bigger and better than the last, but still really low key.

One December we clicked on one of the HGTV shows that showcase holiday lights. The first year we watched and we made somewhat sarcastic comments, the second year we watched, Tyler was more into how these people ran all of the cords and last year he was really focusing on how they did the electrical work. All I know is that this weekend is supposed to be 62 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather for putting up a whole lotta lights.

I will admit that I am kind of excited to see what he comes up with even though there has been talk of putting a giant Santa on our roof. Does that constitute going too far?! I don’t think so. I guess we will have to wait and see!


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