Meet My BFF

When I came into Sarah’s room this morning I found her curled up, on the floor, next to the cold air return. Apparently she must have woken up at some point and went back to sleep by her door. I didn’t think much of it since lately she has been waking up from her naps and then going to that spot. She likes to look under the door and call to us. Usually our cat comes first and he sticks his paw in to her and she sticks her fingers out to him.

So 20 minutes after she got up she whimpers, “Mommy, Sarah hurt! Mommy fix it.” A nauseous feeling came into the pit of my stomach. I look at her and she can hardly turn her head to the left. She is holding her neck.

I feel her forehead. Cool. I check her temperature just in case my lips are not working properly. Normal. No cold. No fever. No symptoms.

Now I know what you are thinking: She simply has a stiff neck. Right? That’s what I thought too. So I gave her some Tylenol, but I still fretted for 20 minutes. Meanwhile she is dancing and drinking her juice and having fun.

But, oh the fretting. Because what if it isn’t a stiff neck? What if it is her glands and she is just touching the wrong spot. So I check her glands. Ummm, they seem fine, but I really only check them when she is sick. Why oh why don’t I check them when she is well so I know what normal feels like? Or maybe it is something worse?

She is still dancing, by the way.

So I call my BFF. Our clinic’s 24 Hour Nurseline. I give her the rundown and she concurs that it must be a stiff neck or muscle ache from sleeping wrong. I already knew this. Well, the rational part of me knew this. The irrational part needed some backup.

It just seemed to me unbelievable that a 2 year old could have a stiff neck. This kid runs 90 miles an hour and trips on her own feet and falls all of the time and has never been stiff once. Go figure.

Now I am feeling silly. This is not my first child. I thought that with child #2 I was supposed to relax a little bit? Be more level headed. I honestly do not think that I will ever be able to relax when my girls are sick or injured. Maybe when they are older… like 30… maybe then I can relax.

I am going to call the Nurseline again. Maybe she can tell me.


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