You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

I am cleaning up the kitchen – it seems like I am always cleaning up the kitchen – and Emily yells to me from the living room, “MOMMMEEEEEEE, you have got to come see what I have taught Sarah!” She is always teaching her something and I have learned that I need to come ASAP because if I don’t, she is famous for saying that I am missing out on a precious moment. Talk about guilt! I don’t know where she could have learned that from…

I walk in there and the girls are sitting on the sofa side-by-side holding onto Emily’s Nintendo DS. “Max Come! Max Come!” Max is Emily’s virtual yellow labrador that she is playing with… on her video game…. Why does Emily have this game if we already have dogs? One wonders. I did strongly recommend that she spend her money on another game, but she was insistent on buying this one.

Meanwhile, every time they tell the virtual dog to come, both of our REAL dogs run up to them, tails wagging, only to be told to GO AWAY!

“Girls!!! We have 2 real dogs! They come every time you call them! And you can actually touch them!” I say while rolling my eyes.

If I had had a camera, I would have taken a picture. It was just so funny seeing our poor real dogs taking a backseat to a virtual puppy.

I went back to the kitchen and got out my Nintendo DS and started playing with my virtual kids. I like them.  They clean their room.


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