I Can Find the Good in Anything

Back in July I accidentally pinched Sarah’s leg when buckling her into her car seat. (I know – OUCH!) It was horrible and I felt awful. From that day onward when I get her into the car, she says, “Mommy, no pinch me!”




The first few times I still felt bad. Then I was just amazed that she still remembered. When she began waving her pointer finger at me while saying, “Mommy, no pinch me!” I started to get a little irked. Can’t she remember all of the good things I do? Does this really have to stick in her mind?

Apparently, it does.

Then last night while I was cleaning up toys and Tyler was getting her jammies on I heard the mother of all screams. I raced down the hall, burst into the room and asked what happened. It literally took Tyler 2 minutes to finally tell me.

He accidentally zipped her up. And when I say “her”, I mean, like, her skin. OUCHY!! It was small and the crying stopped almost immediately after I kissed it and made it go away and then…

I may have said something like this, “Oh no, did Daddy accidentally pinch your tummy? Oh you poor baby. Daddy didn’t mean to accidentally pinch your tummy.”

Yep, you can be darn sure that I wanted this one to stick in her mind. I had paid my dues, now it was his turn.

Please realize that I know she is okay. Just a minor owie. So when I tell you what I did next, let me preface it by saying that Tyler laughed and laughed and laughed each time Sarah reminded me of when I pinched her, so now it is time for payback.

As I read a story to her, I may have altered the words a little bit:

“Good night Wonder Pets. Hope your tummies feel better soon after daddy pinched you.”

Tyler didn’t find that amusing.

I did.

Then during song time I sang this to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb:

“Sarah got an owie, owie, owie

Sarah got an owie, when daddy pinched her tummy.

Mommy made it better, better, better.
Mommy made it better with a real big kiss”

As we left her room, Tyler said that he couldn’t believe I found amusement in the situation, to which I replied:

“I can find the good in anything.”

Hopefully, she lets me off the hook now.


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