What Have I Done?

For the past 6 weeks I have been telling Sarah that our dog Emma has an owie on her leg and to be careful. Sarah has been taking extra good care of Emma and giving her boo boo kisses. So sweet, so nice. Right? She totally gets that Emma is hurt. Sarah gets owies all of the time. Of course that was when we thought that Emma had just hurt her leg. Now Emma has to get her leg cut off!!

How in the world am I going to explain this to a 2-year-old????

Owie = cut it off?!

I have spent the past few days backtracking so much I am annoying myself. I am trying to prep her for when Emma goes away and comes home with 3 legs. The kid knows how to count. I think she may notice that Emma is without a leg. She noticed the teeny tiny pimple on my face last week and was obsessed with it so I am pretty, pretty sure I need to prep her for her beloved dog’s amputation.

Here are some of the things I have been saying:

“Emma has a special doggie owie.”

“Sarah, Emma has osteosarcoma and has to get her leg amputated. Can you say amputation?”

“The nice doggie doctor we met is going to fix Emma’s leg and make it better. He’s going to keep it.”

Seriously there is really no good way to explain this to her so this is what I have come up with in my seriously warped brain.

When Sarah needed glasses I went out to Build-a-Bear and bought glasses for her stuffed animals. We read books about glasses and all of us bought fake glasses and began wearing them so that she would see that glasses are normal. Plus, she always wants what everyone else has. Anyway….it worked.

So, my thought is that I will buy a stuffed dog and cut its leg off and sew it back up and give it to her. Do not laugh. I am serious.

Or buy lots of candy and just distract her… for the next 2 years.

Or just be utterly shocked that her leg is gone, pretend it is lost and spend the next 2 years looking for it.

I give up.


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