My Blue Faced Kid

I have lists. I have a deadline… well 6 deadlines actually:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Mom’s Birthday
  • Emily’s Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Tyler’s Birthday
  • New Years

I have 30+ days to accomplish my missions at hand.

And I Have a Toddler

A sweet little 2-year-old toddler girl who has her own agenda usually. And it almost never, ever matches my agenda.

I want to race around buying things on my list as quickly and efficiently as possible. She wants to walk and run and hide under the clothing racks.

I want to put her into a stroller or shopping cart for maximum shopping potential. She wants to scream and cry and fight her way into / out of the cart or stroller.

Houston, we have a problem.

No means No in our house. I will not give into a tantrum. You want to scream and cry? Go ahead. Make my day. This is a first rate learning experience for you, my dear sweetie, and you will not win. I will. You will learn that screaming and crying will not get you what you want. Period. End of story.

I think Emily had, like, 1 tantrum. Ever. She was a quick learner.

Sarah who is super stubborn always tries. I have to say that I am kind of proud of her persistent tendencies.


Each time for 6 weeks straight she wanted to walk at the grocery store. Each time I would try to get her into the cart, she would kick and cry and scream. I gave her a warning. We will leave if you don’t get into the cart. More screaming and crying. So I would pick her up and we would walk out of the store.

I would set one foot outside and she would say, “Sarah behave. Sarah sit in cart.”

And she did. And we would have a delightful time. But it took 6 weeks. And sometimes she tries it still… in case I forget.

Now, it is embarrassing and humiliating to have her kicking and screaming and crying in front of people. So this is what I say while she is carrying on. It is more like an announcement, really. My voice is a bit louder so that the general public knows that I am not going to give in to this kid.

“No means No. You can cry until you are blue in the face, but you are NOT _________________ (insert whatever major crisis we are having)”

It helps to fold your arms across your chest while making your public announcement.

Seriously. It works.

Of course, online shopping works too.


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