My Muse

Tyler and I are sitting on the sofa watching TV. Live TV, not the DVR. (Gasp!) The first Holiday commercial comes on and I get all warm and fuzzy because I love holiday commercials. They are just so darn peaceful.

Anyway, it is for diamond earrings and the announcer says, “Prices range from $99-$249.” Tyler gives me 2 quick pats on the leg and says, “Babe, you’re getting the $99 ones.” I started laughing and jumped up to get a pen and paper.

I came back and Tyler asked what I was writing down.

“I’m going to blog about that,” I said.

He laughed so hard he didn’t even make a sound. What can I say? The man is my muse!


So Dear Readers my question to you is this:

Do your subjects know you are blogging about them, or do you keep it all private?


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