The Girl’s Top 10 List of Things NOT to be Thankful For

Yep. You read the title correct. Here are 10 things I am NOT thankful for. Thought you could use a laugh while basting that turkey…so here goes:

10.  The lady in the shoe aisle at Kohls with the big purse who would NOT move.
Really? Are you that much of an angry person that you wouldn’t move when I said ever so nicely “Excuse Me” Really? You looked at me and you still wouldn’t move. Really? I had to walk back up the aisle and down the next aisle and then walk to the other side of you. Well, I am sorry your life sucks so bad.

9.  The closing of not 1, but 2 Starbucks by my house.
LOWER YOUR PRICES ALREADY! Then maybe more people will stop by and you can afford the rent. I need my mochas when I need them.

8.  Laundry.
It never ends. How dirty are you people anyway? One of these days I am just going to start hanging back up the items I feel can be worn again.

7.  “An Error has Occurred. Windows is shutting down now. Error Msg 0009bhgt567”
Nothing is worse than computer problems.  Nothing.

6.  Macy’s Biggest One Day Sale
People! Have you ever noticed that they have, like, 25 “Biggest” sales of the year?

5.  “No Soliciting”
How big does my sign need to be anyway??? It is right next to the doorbell! How cheap would my oil change have to be for me to switch service stations, you ask? Well, let me go finish dinner, you wait on my front step, and I will get back to you when I am done eating. Oke-doke?

4.  Language
Sarah, you are 2 years old. Quit learning so quickly. Part of the charm of being 2 is mispronounced words. You are my last child, pweeese?

3.  Any commercial that lists “Side Effects”
Because that is what I want to hear while watching TV or falling asleep. A note to TV people everywhere: I would actually watch commercials if every other one wasn’t for a prescription drug or a potential disease that is going to kill me.

2.  Anybody who sends a sick kid to school
Oh! Your kid hasn’t vomited for, like, 2 hours? Sure!! They are OK to go to school. Thank you very much.

1. Time 
It just goes by way too fast. I’ve tried to stop it, but it hasn’t worked yet.

Have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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