A Lesson in Spirit

Books, songs, TV shows, people, children and even pets, teach me. I may be 36 years old, but I am not too old to learn and grow and be inspired.

As you know, Emma had her amputation Tuesday. I got a call from the Surgeon Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM telling me how very impressed she was with Emma’s recovery. Emma was up and walking by herself that night. Their only concern was that Emma hadn’t eaten or gone potty since she was there. Once they learned that she doesn’t do those things away from home, being the stubborn pup she is, they said she could come home as soon as we could come and get her.

Unfortunately Emily has the cold from hell so Tyler had to go and pick her up by himself. In the meantime, I cooked up a storm for Thanksgiving and cleaned the house so that I was free to take care of Emma for as long as she needed.

I had instructed Tyler to call me as soon as he had her in his possession because I wanted to hear exactly how she was. Now, you see, Tyler isn’t me. Things to him are “good” and “fine” and “OK”. Ask me the same questions and I am effusive. Things are “fabulous” “fantastic” and “super” or “horrible” and “awful”

There is no way in the world that if I asked him how she was, he would say, “Oh she is just awesome, she looks so great and happy!”

Instead, I get, “Yeah, she looks good.”

So you can see it was a long wait for me to see exactly how she was.

They pulled into the driveway at noon and no matter how many times I imagined what she would look like, I still wasn’t prepared for it. Tyler carried her out of the car and set her down and I took one look at her and was ready to sob.

(3 days after amputation)

But then I saw her tail. It was wagging so hard she could have took off and flown to the front door. Once she saw me and Sarah and Emily at the door, she just hopped right up to us and gave us a ton of kisses. She was just so happy!!!

She hopped into the living room and kind of flopped down to the floor since she is learning how to get around with 3 legs. With each movement that she made Tyler and I held our breath. We were just so afraid she would get hurt. I am fairly certain we each got a few grey hairs that day.

We gave her some food and she gobbled it up and basically just laid there enjoying the 6 hands that were rubbing her belly.

How did Sarah react? It was brilliant! She had a box of treats and just handed Emma one by one. Then she raced and grabbed Sweetie (her 3 legged dog) and tossed it to Emma and said, “Look Emma! Here is Sweetie! Sweetie has an owwwweeee too!” It was Priceless!!

Emma did look a bit pathetic as she was trying to roll over and move around so when it came time for Sarah’s nap, we all held our breath. You see, Emma comes into Sarah’s room for every single naptime and bedtime. She is Sarah’s shadow. She always has been.

Sarah jumped up and grabbed her book and said, “C’mon Emma, story. C’mon!” And do you know what? Emma came. She hopped down the hall and had to stop and rest halfway, but she came. Because that is what she does and 3 legs are not going to stop her.

And that, my bloggy friends, is basically how the past few days have been. If she wants to do something she is doing it. No matter how inconvenient it is.

She wanted to get on the sofa on day 2 and she did it, even though she got stuck and had to figure out how to maneuver around. She did it.

On Thanksgiving she wanted the scraps that had fallen under the table and she got those scraps. Even before Jack, who has 4 legs!

Tyler and I have been taking turns going outside in the front yard with her. Our back steps are too steep and she just wants to JUMP down, so we figured the front yard is safer. Well, Thanksgiving night, I took her out and she wouldn’t get off the step. I was semi-freaking out because I didn’t know why she wouldn’t get off the step. Suddenly she nudged my hand onto her head and she just looked up at the sky. And so did I.

In all of my worrying, I had forgotten that she likes to just sit outside and look around.

So there we sat, just the two us, enjoying the night sky being thankful for all that we have.


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