Just Imagine

On Saturday I watched The Bridge to Terabithia with Emily. She has been begging me to watch it with her for months. I have been putting it off mostly because I thought it was something different, but today since she is sick, I gave in.

If you have not seen this movie and plan to, STOP READING RIGHT NOW – I WILL SPOIL IT FOR YOU.

OK – first let me say, WOW what an utterly, fantastic movie.

Second, Why in the world did they have to kill off Leslie? Oh man did I cry. I cried and cried. And then when he built that Bridge at the end… well… the water works kept on flowing. It was so wonderful. (FYI – I totally get why they killed her off, but still…)

Emily had seen the movie before and as she sat and watched me sob, she said, “I knew you would love it.”

You cruel, cruel child.

I had taped The Wedding Singer for us to watch. A fun, happy movie, but Nooo, we had to watch this one!

And I know why she knew I would love it so. We imagine too.

When she was little we imagined and did pretend play all of the time, but as she got older it kind of stopped because, duh… that is so not cool. Until one night about 2 years ago…

She was having problems falling asleep at night. I sat on her bed and asked her, “Have you ever just imagined?”

I explained that sometimes it is fun to just let you mind run wild with dreams and fantasies. Since she likes to draw and design dresses I suggested that she just lay there and design in her head, have a runway show, be in New York, open a shop…

Her eyes just popped out of her head. “OK, I will do that!”

She was asleep in about 5 minutes. Just about every day since then we share what we imagine. Sometimes she is a designer, sometimes a rock star or a Prima Ballerina.

She always asks what I imagine because I think it shocks her that I could possibly imagine too. I’m living my dreams and it is true, but I still do. Sometimes when life gets troublesome, or if my mind is whirling at night with all of those late night dark thoughts, I imagine too.

But, being a silly adult who has difficulty letting her mind run wild, I usually don’t get too far because I can never, ever figure out what to wear.


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