10 Days

Well, I am finally better. Not 100% well, just much better. I have never had a cold knock me out so terribly bad. Thankfully my brain is feeling great and I am finally feeling up to typing. So I thought I would catch you up on some of the things going on over here.

It has been brought to my attention that even though I have won the free throw contest every year that Tyler and I have in the summer, someone is annoyed that I can’t seem to get my snotty Kleenex into the garbage bag. Or, as someone puts it, “You’re not even close!”


Emma, our dog, is doing fantastic! She got her bandages removed and she also got weighed. Before her amputation she got weighed and she was the exact same weight she was a YEAR ago. She loses a leg and one week later she has gained 4 pounds. What can I say? How can I deny her table scraps when she looks so pathetic?! She has been putting her head on my leg when we eat! What would you do?


Prior to Emma’s amputation I wasn’t swearing at all and if I did, I would say to Sarah, “Don’t say that word!” Now when Sarah falls and goes bump, instead of swearing she says, “Don’t say that word!”…

Except I was really angry at our other dog, Jack, who wants to run 90 miles an hour and play with Emma, so I may have called him my other name for him “MotherF&^ker”. And I may have been saying that a lot lately because Sarah walked into the kitchen, sat down to play in her Tupperware cupboard and when all of her stuff fell on the floor, she shook her head and said, “MotherF&^ker” “MotherF&^ker” “MotherF&^ker”

Oops. It has been a hard month.


Since Emma is shaved and her stitches are, like, right there, she needs to wear something. We bought her a frou frou sweater, but the doc said it would be too itchy. He said a t-shirt would work. Emily and mine are too small and Tyler’s is too big. I called my mom and within 5 minutes she brought over 4 t-shirts to choose from. They are like brand new! For our dog! Then she called back and said that the shirt we chose came in different colors too, if we didn’t want white… awww. That was sweet.


Tyler and Emily have been awesome. Both have been helping to take care of me and the house and Sarah. Emily brings me a new straw with each glass of water. She is pretty proud of that.

Tyler cleaned the entire kitchen the other day… of course I think it may had something to do with the fact that in the morning when I dragged myself out to get some juice I was muttering, “This place has turned into a shithole” over and over.


Thank you for being patient with my lack of blog posts. I am still working up to getting dressed…


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