Dear Tyler,

If I ever had an affair, or 10, like Tiger did, you can bet that I would run home and tell you about it because I cannot for the life of me keep a secret.

Your Honest Wife

A week ago Sunday, Emily crawled into our leather chair with me and started crying because she was so sad that we hadn’t done anything for her 10th birthday.

(If you are new to my blog, about 2 months ago Emily came home and demanded that she didn’t want anything for her birthday; not even a card. She basically wanted a surprise party, but I have led her to believe that she wasn’t getting anything because that is precisely what she asked for.)

As the tears were rolling down her face, my heart broke for her and I actually almost told her about the party. But I didn’t. I did tell her this:

“Oh honey, you know I would never let you not have a Birthday. I bought you presents anyway. But, we are all so sick and with Emma and everything, I just can’t do a party, right now. I can’t even get dressed! There is just not enough time to do it all. We don’t even have the tree up yet. We can celebrate your birthday on Christmas. We won’t forget you.”

She perked up at the word “presents” but started crying again when I said we would lump her into Christmas. I have never lumped her – ever.

Hee Hee

It was a tough one. I hated to see her so sad. It was even more pathetic that she totally understood that I couldn’t do anything because I was so sick. Talk about a great kid!

But this weekend she went to her dad’s and on Sunday they were going to go bowling at this new game complex where we would all be waiting. It was so carefully orchestrated. Her teacher was even in on it since we had to get the invites out on the sly. Her friends kept the secret for an entire 5 days! They walked into the bowling area and we all yelled SURPRISE!

And we blew her away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She got tears in her eyes.

We bowled, ate, opened gifts and played and she didn’t stop smiling. Afterwards she talked about it for 3 hours because she wanted to know exactly how many lies I told and I had to take her through and explain each and every one.

Her friend’s parents also wanted to know how I pulled it off because now their kids’ want a surprise party too.

Sorry folks.

And man – did the gift bags rock. According to Tyler, it is all about the gift bag which is why he spent an extraordinary amount of time carefully choosing each item.

After all of the hubbub died down and we were back home, we had to explain to Emily that she only gets one surprise party. Next year, I told her, she can choose one friend and we would take them to White Castle, so she had better have enjoyed this party!

I figure as far as Birthdays are concerned, we have nowhere to go but down, so it had better be way down…


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