More Secrets and Lies

OK – so you heard about the surprise party for Emily, right? Well that night after her party she asked where her presents were. I promptly responded that the party cost a fortune (which it did) and the party was her present.

Hee Hee.

Today when she comes home from school, Tyler will be home early and grandma and grandpa will be here and we will yell “Surprise” and open presents and have dinner. Because today is her real birthday.

Hee hee.

Sarah and I have been doing a ton of teamwork today to get this place in shape for surprise party #2. Meaning, if you give a toddler a ginormous roll of streamers, you will not be bothered for 2 hours. Plus I learned that our big, bad ass German Shepherd is afraid of the streamers which is a HUGE bonus. He has been happily sleeping (cowering) behind the chair all day. Double yay! I think I might actually keep up the streamers through the holidays now!

And again, my 10 year old child is showing more character than most adults because this morning she quizzed me again about presents and when I told her that the Party on Sunday was her present she said, “That’s OK, it’s Tacos at school today, I lost a tooth, and we get to go to library. It is already the best birthday ever!”

Well, you are the best daughter ever.  You deserve the world, my dear.  Happy Birthday!!!!


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