That Blood is in My Veins!

Let me say that I am really, really happy to be hanging around my parents again. I kind of forgot how freakishly insane they are! Most specifically, my dad.

So he comes over for Emily’s Birthday last week and he is sitting on the couch and looks like he is going to keel over he is so tired. Sarah, who hasn’t seen him forever, is putting on a SHOW for him; talking a mile a minute, dancing, singing, bringing him every toy imaginable to show him and the expression on his face does not change.

Me: Dad are you OK?

Dad: I am really tired. It was the day to vacuum and clean the shower. Thursday is vacuum and shower day, ya know. Plus I decided to snowblow.

Me: (and remember, blog friends, I have a very special relationship with my parents, so I am not being snotty) Did you not know that today was Emily’s party? Couldn’t you have planned ahead?

Dad: Thursdays are always vacuum and shower day.

OK Rain Man, I get it.

Me: You do realize that next Thursday is Christmas Eve… when we get together… how are you going to handle that one?

Dad: Really? Next Thursday huh? That is going to be a tough one.

People! I am all for a good routine, but seriously, this is insanity on a whole new level. Plus, did I mention that he is retired?

Yep. That’s my dad for ya.

Thankfully, my dad gets how weird he really is and laughs right along with us. And finally after living next door to him for 8 years, he doesn’t walk into my house anymore and ask me questions like,

“Do you have an extension duster? They really help with dusting in the high spots. Do you ever look up?”

And, I have learned to call him up prior to his visits and say things like,

“I have been sick and haven’t cleaned the house in a while. Just so you know.” Or, “Hey dad? You may wish to pee at home today, I haven’t gotten around to cleaning this week. I missed cleaning day.”

We have a good rapport.

Although, weird as it is, at our house, Tuesday is Grocery Day and if I have to go on a Monday or Wednesday it totally screws everything up. So there is a teeny tiny part of me that “gets” Vacuum Thursday.

His blood is in my veins, ya know.


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