It Was Fate, I Tell You

So now you know that my parents are my neighbors. The story of how it all came to be is a cool one, let me tell you….

After my divorce 8 years ago I decided to move. I was looking at houses in the area and one day, Mother’s Day actually, I was at my folk’s house and saw their neighbors playing basketball outside. They were 2 young brothers who owned the house. I knew them well as we had played golf together and hung out when I was single. Nice guys.

Their house had an in-ground pool with a fenced in backyard. I would never own a house with a 2 year old and an in ground pool, but on this day I learned that their pool’s foundation had cracked and they were in the process of filling it in.

How cool is that?

So I mentioned to them that I was getting a divorce and that if they ever decided to sell their house, would they mind letting me know? Being an only child, I thought it would be handy to live close to my folks as they get older. Plus, being divorced with a 2 year old I figured it would be handy to have them nearby as well.

Well, 2 weeks later they called me and told me that they had talked it over and decided it was time to move on and that I could buy their house!

2 weeks after that, my dad got diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.

After 2 months of fixing up the house since the boys had sort of trashed it, Emily and I moved in. The backyard had all new sod which was perfect for a swing set and our new puppy Emma who would join our little family 9 months later.

And no, my folks do not baby-sit. They did it, like, once in 8 years. Twice tops. But they are there for us always. And we are always there for them.


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