Yes We Can!!!

Saturday 8:00 AM

Me: OK people. Today is the day to decorate the house and tree. I need everyone to cooperate and behave. Let’s all have some fun!

Sarah: No, I can’t.

Saturday 9:00 AM

Me: Tyler, I need you to do the tree lights while Emily and I decorate the house.

Tyler: No I can’t.

Me: Oh reaaaalllly? Yes you can and yes you will. And you will do it and be all Merry and Bright!! T-Minus 5 days, honey. 5 DAYS!!!!!

Saturday 10:00 AM

Emily: Hey dad, that Santa doesn’t go there. That Santa always goes on Sarah’s door. It’s tradition.

Tyler: No I can’t.

Me: Don’t mess with me…

Tyler: No I can’t. I can’t move it.

Me: TRADITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s just say, there was a scuffle. In the end it got moved. We take tradition seriously over here.

(Notice the rainbow?  Now you know where my Blog Header idea came from.  We like Rainbows over here.)

Not only did we decorate, but we even managed to get a family Christmas picture with all 4 of us and the dogs too! Yes, we decided that this year, in light of Emma and her cancer, we would take her to see Santa.

Do you know what happens when you take 2 dogs and 2 kids to see Santa? All hell breaks loose! Plus, a 3–legged dog draws a crowd. It was chaos. Emma was so excited. She loves the car! She loves people! She loves Santa! She even stuck her nose in a fish tank!

What do you think? You think I am going to tell a 3-legged dog “NO”? No way! And that is precisely what I said to the crowd that was standing watching Emma soak up the love and attention from anyone who chose to pet her.. Like I am going to make her heel.

Even sweet, terrified Sarah sat near Santa. In all of the hoopla with the dogs, she forgot to be afraid. She asked for Blue Crocs. Emily asked for Emma to get her leg back (thanks dear) Tyler asked for peace and I asked for quiet.

When we left the pet store and got everyone settled into the car, Tyler and I actually jumped up and high fived each other. You would have thought we had won the lottery, we were so happy it went well.

(I know Emma doesn’t look happy, but she is. 
Tyler is holding her collar because she needed to get petted by the crowd and wanted to run to them)

On Sunday I sent out Christmas cards. Then we all baked cookies. I can’t believe it, but I am all caught up. It is a Christmas miracle indeed.


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