The Ghost of Christmas Past?

I saw him.

My mom says I probably wasn’t supposed to see him.

My dad says it is the single greatest life after death experience he has ever heard of.

Tyler says we are moving.

I say that I am fairly certain he will follow me no matter where we go.

It was Wednesday, December 23rd at 4:00 PM or so. I had spent the day baking and wrapping and worrying about Tyler who had to make an unexpected trip to the doctor for an unusual pain. I had sat down for a total of 20 minutes all day and I just wanted to make dinner, but Sarah was in the living room crying.

She was crying, by the way, because of me. You see when she woke up from her nap I made the mistake of showing her the wrapped presents under the tree and I may have gotten her very excited to open them… The conversation kind of went like this:

Me: What do you think is in this one?

(It was clearly a little book.)

Me: A Giraffe? A tiger? A dinosaur?

Sarah: Open it

Me: We have to wait until tomorrow.

Sarah: Open it.

Me: No honey we have to wait until tomorrow.

Sarah. Open it now, pweeese??

And that is when the crying started. It wasn’t one of my finer mommy moments, and what started out being fun, ended up in tears. However, Tyler had texted me and I needed to see what was up with him so I went into the kitchen.

Sarah was still crying and I went back into the living room to soothe her and when I walked through the dining room I stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting in our chair, looking and laughing at Sarah with a great big smile on his face was my grandpa.

But he died in 1999.

It happened in an instant. He was wearing a plaid shirt and was sitting with one leg crossed over the other. It was as if he was transparent. If you scrapbook, he was about 60% transparent. It was as if I could see through him.

He didn’t look at me. He was just smiling at her. And then he was gone. Just like that.

I swear I stopped breathing. I got shivers all throughout my body and then I got cold. I am almost always cold, but this was a cold that I have never experienced before.

I went back into the kitchen without speaking and gripped the island countertop trying to sort out what I had just seen. And then I started laughing uncontrollably which was immediately followed by crying uncontrollably. I imagine that this is what would be called hysteria.

I pulled it together and went back into the living room trying to recreate what I had just seen, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t in my head. My eyes couldn’t be playing tricks on me, could they? But why would they? Countless more questions filled my head. But I saw it. I saw him.

And then I remembered being little and all of the things my grandpa teased me about. He would totally find me teasing Sarah about her presents a hoot. And he was there to watch the whole thing.

I have always believed that when people die they are watching over you, but I figured it was from, like, heaven. Not from my chair and a half in my living room!

I took this picture from the exact spot I was standing last Wednesday.

I went back to the kitchen and I couldn’t stop smiling. Neither of my girls got the chance to meet their great-grandparents and what a loss that is, but to think that my grandparents are literally watching us and LAUGHING and SMILING along with us, well, it warms my heart and is the most unexpected gift I have ever received.

I called my mom and dad and told them what had happened. They cried too.

My mom says I probably wasn’t supposed to see him. But I think that maybe I was. I was seriously worried about Tyler and this definitely took my mind off of things.

My dad says it is the single, greatest life after death experience he has ever heard of. And now he is not worried about dying. He is, however, worried about walking around his house with the lights turned off late at night and had a hard time sleeping that night.

Tyler says we are moving. But, as freaked out as he was, I think the thought of loved ones being with us, warmed his heart too.

I say that I am fairly certain he will follow me no matter where we go. However, I would prefer not to see him or anyone else in the future. I got so nervous from the whole thing I got hives all over my face and neck.

For those of you loyal readers that were following me around Halloween and read about how we thought we might have a ghost in this place, well, now we are a little closer to being sure of that. Ever since then, every once in a while, some of our clocks around here go back an hour all by themselves.

So I figure that if my grandpa is indeed here with us and freaked me out to the point of getting hives, the least he could do was to clean. Right?


2 responses to “The Ghost of Christmas Past?

  1. I’ve had a similar experience and it (literally) scared the crap out of me! I’m a believer.

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