Comment Love & Crazy Code Writing

Just like you, I love, love, love all of the comments I receive. They are always so delightful and really, really thoughtful!  It makes me giddy and I smile all day long.


Thank You!!

The one thing that annoys me is that I cannot reply to the comments and have you receive them in email unless I move to WordPress.

Yeah… like I have THAT kind of time on my hands…

So I have done 2 things:

  1. I wrote code people!  If you look at the comment section in the future, my responses to you will be highlighted in blue. 
  2. I also inserted the Recent Comment gadget on the left sidebar which will display it all.

Of course, I will still visit all of your blogs, but now I can just focus on commenting on your posts instead of leaving a comment and replying to the comment you have made on mine.

Making Sense?!

I hope you like it… until I work up the nerve to switch to WordPress. 

If any of you know a WordPress Fairy that can show me the way I would be grateful, or if you have made the move to WordPress, I would be so happy to hear how it went and if you like it.

Also, I have received many awards in the last 3 weeks and once the holidays are over I will be gladly passing them along.


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