The Importance of Wood

Not until I bought this house did I ever really fully realize the importance of wood. More specifically, having a ton of wood on hand.

(Oh – get your mind out of the gutter, people)

The other day Emily and I were supposed to go out shopping early and we were Ready-to-Go and I was looking for Tyler. Then what did I hear coming from our garage? It was that noise. The noise that means something is being built. It was the sound of the circular saw.

I sent Emily outside on a fact finding mission and she came running back and told me to look. There Tyler was, standing in the driveway holding a new contraption to shovel the driveway.

“Look!” he says. “Look at me go!”

He races down the driveway pushing his new homemade shovel. He runs back up and back down. He did it in 3 passes.

He built it with scraps of wood that he had saved from the summer backyard project.

(Here he is with his new invention. It is 6 feet wide and very cool. Did I mention that he is really proud of it? So proud that I am not supposed to write about it in case someone steals his idea and markets it. You won’t steal it, will you?)

I think I was living in this house for a whole day before my dad came over with a scrap of wood to nail into my kitchen door to keep drafts out.

Then there was the time that a section of my fence fell down and after I called my dad he said, “Hang on, I think I have a piece of wood to fix it and hold it in place.”

And when I mentioned I wished I had an organizer to hold all of my pens, planner, notepads, etc in the kitchen, Tyler disappeared for 4 hours and came back with a custom organizer built especially for me with wood he had saved from another project.

Seriously, where do we keep all of this wood? It is no wonder we needed a bigger shed outside!

Let me be clear: I am not mocking the wood. The importance of it just never fails to amaze me.

So my question to you is this: Do you or your husband hoard wood like we do over here? What crazy projects have been built at your home?


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