Stalking Neighbor Joe

We live in a bit of a geriatric neighborhood. Oh, I LOVE it! Everybody is always home, working outside, taking walks. It is, after all, the neighborhood that I grew up in so I happen know just about everybody. And of course  poor Tyler is already quite sick of hearing how cute I was as a toddler.

Up until last winter Tyler and I were the youngest people in about a 2 block radius. Then, joy of joys, we got a new neighbor. Sadly, nobody actually saw him. Mom and dad stay up until all hours of the night and I would get calls in the morning about what they had deciphered about who this new person was.

“Well we saw a young guy, maybe about 23 or so. He left around 1AM,” mom would call and say the next day.

“I cracked my window last night and I heard a saw. I think there is a guy renovating the place because I see a car leave around 2 AM every day,” my dad would say.

Nobody can really fully appreciate the power of The Neighborhood Watch Program like I can.

In the early Spring, Tyler and I re-landscaped our backyard. We bought a much needed new fence and the old fence was gone for about a week before the new one went up. That meant we could see people…

Yep. When we got off of the sofa at 9PM to head to bed, and we were holding our aching backs and listening to our knees creak, we could look out our window and see our new neighbor sitting outside with his friends while listening to music, drinking and laughing, under cool tiki torches.

And when we woke up at 5:15 AM and opened our kitchen door to let the dogs out, we would look and see our new neighbor sitting outside with his friends while listening to music, drinking and laughing, under cool tiki torches.

We have never felt so old. We used to be cool like that.

Later on that summer, after about a month of smiling and waving, we introduced ourselves to Neighbor Joe. Apparently he was pretty excited to see our final product since nobody could see any of our yard work once the fence went up.

He is about 25. He is a really nice guy. Sarah ran around saying, “Hi Joe, Hi Joe” over and over to him. Tyler proudly showed off the putting green he built and I proudly showed him my 100 plant perennial garden that Emily and I built.

Neighbor Joe just couldn’t stop smiling. “Wow!” he said. “You guys are so cool. I wish that I could have this someday.”

Someday when you are…. old like us?

I wonder what his New Year’s Eve will be like?  Maybe tonight Tyler and I will get wild and crazy and stay up until 10:00! 

No matter what we do, I hope you and your family have a super fun and safe New Year’s Eve!!!


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