To Quote Clark Griswold…

I stayed up until 11:00 on New Year’s Eve. Pretty exciting isn’t it? I was fixing my computer. Alone.

I know – it was thrilling.

We have been a very busy bunch these past 2 weeks. The holidays did not end for us as Tyler’s parents paid us a visit this past week. I love having them in town, especially since Joe (Tyler’s dad) is my #1 fan. Perhaps, President of my Fan Club even… He and Sally were in town to celebrate Tyler’s 40th Birthday and it answered all of my prayers that they were able to make it.

But, let’s get back to my thrilling New Year’s Eve.

We had all watched “Julie and Julia.” I barely made it through the entire movie and even though it ended at 9:15, my eyes were very droopy. We put Emily to bed and Tyler and I began to clean up when suddenly Emma, our dog, threw up.

She had had her second round of chemo that day. But I knew that her vomiting was not from the chemo since after her first round she had no side effects and whatever happens during her first round will happen in all of the other rounds. Quickly I realized that it was from the new food we had given her that evening and I relaxed.

But Tyler made kind of a negative comment that irritated me. He is not normally a negative person, but lately both he and Emily have not been the most positive people to have around. Both of them justifiably so, however, that particular night, New Year’s Eve, I had had it.

“Well, OK, she will probably keep throwing up until she dies then! If that is the way you are going to think!” I said.

I had had it with all of the negativity. Tyler went to bed and I had to fix my computer. But as I sat at my computer I realized how quickly and effortlessly negativity can creep into one’s mind and I started reflecting over the past few months…

…And I decided to put an end to it. Granted, it is not a lot of negativity, but I do not like to hear negativity at all. When something bad happens, you just have to focus on the positive.  Period.

When Emily was really little, I used to wake her up in the morning and say to her,

“Good Morning! Today is going to be a great day!”

She would ask me “why” to which I would reply,

“Because we are going to play blocks!” or,

“Because we are going to make cookies!” or,

“Because the sun is shining!” or,

“Because we are together!”

It really doesn’t take much. You can always find something, one thing, about your day that is good. Forget all of the bad stuff, and focus on the good.

I do not, nor have I ever, made New Year’s Resolutions. I am always working on myself in one way or another and I feel like every day you can start over and be better. That is the beauty of life.

But this New Years Day I woke up and I felt invigorated. A new day. A new year. A new decade filled with possibilities! Suddenly a line from the movie Vacation filled my head. So with regard to 2010, I will quote Clark Griswold:

“We are going to have so much fucking fun
we are going to be whistling Dixie out our assholes.”



Tyler turned 40 on Sunday and he did not lose all of his hair or drop dead or suddenly gain 50 wrinkles on his face. See, I told you it wouldn’t be so bad. I Love You!

Emma only threw up that one time. 


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