We’ve Come a Long Way from Rob and Amber

Tyler and I are really in love… with our DVR. We have about 15 shows that we tape year round and watch at our convenience without the annoying commercials and we love it. We usually can squeak in about one hour of TV each night before we start to fall asleep.

This poses a problem, however, when all of our shows are on and are “new.” Then it becomes our very own version of The Amazing (DVR) Race. Can we watch everything before the DVR fills up? It gets pretty tricky, I tell you.

However, during these past 2 weeks there are no new TV shows, only reruns. We got all caught up and now have nothing to watch (gasp!)

My favorite thing to say to Tyler when this happens is, “Well, we could talk.” At that point he grabs the remote from me and races through the “Guide” for something, anything to watch.

I am not proud to say this, but we were the only 2 people in America to watch “Rob and Amber – The Reality Show.”

Oh – we have done every single HGTV show, but we just got annoyed at how many times one couple can say that they “love to entertain” in a half hour program.

Last night we hit a new all-time low when we turned on “The Bank of Hollywood.” We watched it for 15 minutes before I said, “Dude! This is too stupid for words! Turn on anything else! Please”

Since we had already seen The Wonder Pets Save the Bee, we turned on the History Channel about “Nostradamus: 2012” per my request.

At first my mind hurt. Then I perked up, grabbed a mental pen and notepad and started making a list, well, 2 lists actually:

1. Supplies We need to Battle the Apocalypse

2. Things I Need to Buy Before I Die

All I can say is there are guns and a Birkin Bag on those lists.

The clock is ticking away and I am starting to get sleepy. Tyler is too. The show ends and I get up and start to clean up my area and I reach to turn off the remote when it is suddenly taken from me.

Me: Oh that’s right. I learned in 2009 not to turn off the TV.

(You see, he has this thing that started last year. He likes to be the one to turn off the TV for the night. If I turn it off, he always says he is not ready and then he continues to watch for a whole entire minute before hitting the off button. It is funny. Weird, but funny.)

Tyler: Yep

Me: Soooo, you are not coming to bed then?

Tyler: Maybe. Who is the other Nostradamus? Do you know?

Me: No.

Tyler: That is the next show and maybe I want to know.

Me: I know you don’t care.

(I reach to turn off the TV, but again he swipes the remote and starts to play “keep away”)

Tyler: Don’t touch that remote. I will turn off the TV when I am ready.

Me: So you’re watching the show to spite me?

Tyler: Yep.

Me: You know what? I think I do want to know who the other Nostradamus is. I will watch it with you.

Tyler: Good, because I am not sleepy at all.

Me: Me either.

You know what? That is how we got hooked on Rob and Amber too.


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