My Feel Good Friday

What is Feel Good Friday?  In cased you missed it, click here to find out.
This week, I had a lot to choose from, but I am going to share with you something that I treasure more than anything…
When Emily was really little, about 2 or 3, I started to leave notes for her, in her room, so when she would wake up in the morning it would be the first thing she would see.  Now, since she couldn’t read a lot, I would make little drawings of hearts, flowers and lots of smiley faces and say “I Love You” or “I (heart) You”
Well, she loved it!  She loved it so much that she would wake up, read her note and then write me notes (scribbles) back and wake me up with them!  One morning she put this next to me on my pillow:

She had drawn a picture of us holding hands.  Then she took that picture and tried to make a frame (that is what the teal part is.)  After a long time of it sitting on my nightstand and blowing off, I finally put it on some backing and framed it to sit next to me forever.
You see, I was divorced back then.  From age 2 to age 6, it was her and I against the world.  I always drew pictures of us holding hands, so this picture that she made for me was especially important.  (Heck, I am crying right now.)
I wrote her notes because I always wanted her to know how much she was loved and that even when she was sleeping I was thinking about her.  It makes me realize that I need to do this to Sarah too, now that she is older and understands hearts and such.
I saved all of our notes that we wrote back and forth and I keep them in shoeboxes in my closet.  Every once and awhile we drag them out and look at them and remember…
It really makes us feel good.

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