The Computer Chip is Mocking Me and Rightly So

Recently, Emily was dancing around kicking and twirling and doing her thing to the Nutcracker soundtrack. I joined in, as I usually do, and we are pirouetting all over the place, pretending we are Prima Ballerinas.

And then I went to kick my leg high up to the sky. And it only got so far up.

What the…?

I used to be able to kick and hit my ear. There must be some mistake, surely.

So I tried to bend down and touch my toes. Thankfully I have long nails. I could barely touch them. So I dropped down to the ground and sat with my legs apart because I used to be able to put my head and stomach to my knees and ground.

When did this happen? Somewhere in the back of my brain I hear “use it or lose it.”

Apparently I have lost it and I am going to get it back!!

Coincidentally, Emily loves her friend’s Wii Fit, so I took this opportunity to get her one for Christmas – no ulterior motives here, by the way.

We were psyched to try it out. I just kept thinking, “I am fit. I am fit. I am going to rock this thing.”

So it starts out and you have to create a profile and they weigh you and do your BMI – so far so good. Then they give you these little tests on balance and strength.

But I mighta coughed and wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t have time to study for the test.

Drum roll please… my Wii Fit age is 37. Is that a good thing? I was kind of hoping for 20-25.

So I took the test again now that I know what to do… but they gave me different activities and I got an age of 40!

What does it mean?? What is the goal age already????

We all spent the night trying out the games and activities. Emily did great. Tyler and I kept doing “I can do anything better than you” and kept trying to beat each other’s high score before realizing this was “family” time and we had forgotten about Emily.

And then we tried the yoga section. We loved it!! And the next morning I couldn’t move my neck from side to side. It stayed that way for the entire day.

Apparently when the screen prompt tells you to warm up before doing yoga, that doesn’t mean to fix your hair in the mirror and make sure you look good.

That night we played again, but I couldn’t do anything strenuous for obvious reasons. It finally was my turn and I step onto the board.

Tyler: Did you hear that?

Me: Hear what?

Tyler: When you stepped on, the voice said, “Ooooh” like you were hurting her.

Me: No it didn’t.

Tyler: Step on it again.

Me: You step on it.

Sure enough, when Tyler and I step on that damn board, the lady voice says, “Oooh”

The Wii Fit board is judging and mocking us… and apparently I am deaf because I couldn’t hear it the first couple times.

Wonder what my Wii Fit Age is now?


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