Excuse Me: Cough (Ahem) Cough (Ahem)

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Last week I told you about my dad, the artist, who always has a hard time painting me. A terribly awful time painting me actually. In fact, he is coming over in one hour to freakin’ study the lines on my face. I kid you not. He called me this morning and asked me when would be a good time to study the lines on my face.

“How about after 4?” I replied. Because then they should be good and creased, right?

Anyway, wouldn’t you know that the day my post came out about my dad, Tyler came home and told me that one of his co-workers saw a painting my dad did for one of Tyler’s clients and now he wants my dad to do a portrait of his family to give to his wife for her birthday.

Now, this is the part where I tell you 3 very important things:

1. My dad will never – ever see the post I wrote about the hump he painted on me. It would crush him. He may find it funny, but I am not taking that chance. The painting still isn’t done and I will gently point out to the suffering artist, today, that I might have noticed the tiniest hump.

2. My dad doesn’t like mice and therefore, does not go onto the computer at all. My mom filters and prints out my posts for my dad to read. She did, however, find the hump post hilarious.

3. My dad is an awesome artist. Plain and simple.

OK , now that you know those 3 things we shall move on.

My dad paints because he loves to paint. He paints our family and friends and other stuff – whatever he finds inspiring. He does not paint to make money.

He did do a painting for a client of Tyler’s that Tyler wanted to give them as a Christmas present. The people loved it. LOVED IT! However, these people did not pay for it, nor were they expecting it. This means absolutely no pressure for my dad.

No pressure.

So now there is someone who wants dad to paint a portrait and they offer to pay for it and this is the kicker, “I bet he is really expensive,” Tyler’s co-worker says. They think dad is super great and really expensive.

The pressure is building.

By now, I am sort of dreading the call to my dad. You see, how can I explain this…

My dad and I are a lot alike. Excuse me while I cough a bit.

Hang on… still coughing…my neck is just getting so tight… I might be…


So I make the call to my dad and tell him the super news and he says, “No, I can’t do that. Not for money. I can do it if it feels right. When is her birthday? Maybe I can do it by next year. (ahem, ahem) How much do they think I charge? (ahem)”

Meanwhile, my mom is yelling in the background, “Are you seriously turning down money? You fool!”

And I say, “Dad, you can buy a lot of sweaters with that money.”

And then I had him. He loves to buy clothes. Well, books, cd’s and clothes. And he says, “Well, bring me a photo of them and I will see if I can do it.”

YAY for dad!

Just as long as he doesn’t give them humps, it will be great!


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