Yes, I Did Say That

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Last Spring Emily took the MCA tests. You know the BIG standardized national tests that determined if her school is doing their job? Personally I hate all of the testing that schools do these days. When I was a kid… well, teachers did their own thing and they taught with love and creativity. Yes, they teach with love and creativity now, but from what I have seen, it is all about the tests.

Last year, her school actually canceled their Learning Fair where each student does a cool research project and parents come to see it and eat ice cream. Instead of the Learning Fair, they had a test night where students could practice for the MCA’s.

Huh. Fun stuff indeed. Really inspires learning.

Shouldn’t the kids know their stuff by now? Do they really have to cram for a test so their school can get high marks?

Anyway, we did not go to the test night because I protested it. They don’t know I protested it, but that was my way of protesting – not attending.

This October we got the results from Emily’s MCA’s. She got 100%. She got 100% on national standardized tests. Pretty cool, eh?

So we are at conferences and I know Emily is one smart cookie. She has always been. She grasps concepts easily and has a hunger for learning. She has always gotten perfect marks. But 100%?

Her teacher is really cool and nice and goes the extra mile and I am sitting across from her with Emily and she brings up Emily’s test scores and how wonderful Emily is and then I say it. I cannot believe I asked this question in front of my child, but I did. I said,

“So, um, are like those tests, like, easy? Do they make them so that everyone does really well?”

Even as it was out of my mouth I knew that it sounded bad, but I kind of wanted to know! 100% is just so good and I got straight A’s in school, but never 100% on tests like this. I just wanted to know! OK! Even if I am against all of the testing, I still wanted to know, especially since they make such a big deal about them.

Her teacher kind of chuckled and said that they were actually quite hard and that Emily should be proud.  And then I patted Emily on the back and said, “Great! Well, you’ve got nowhere to go but down!”

Luckily, Emily gets my sense of humor, and yes I will probably be going to hell after I die.


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