Sybil: My Other Child

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By now you have heard me gush about my sweet 10 year old Emily, but have you met her alter ego Sybil?

Well, she does not know that I refer to her this way, but I do and it cracks me and Tyler up. Trust me. We need a laugh now and then when those RAGING HORMONES appear. One minute she is super sweet and brings tears to my eyes and the next, she is being RUDE as all get out.

And I almost never, ever see it coming.

Now, Sarah, who is 2, hears me say this to Sybil Emily, quite often:

“Excuse me, but are you being rude to me?”

She has heard it enough times so that now she has taken to asking Emily this:

“Stop it. Stop it Emily. You being ruuuude”

Half the time she gets it right and uses it in the correct context. The other times, it is just plain funny.

So today we are sitting at lunch and Sarah is tired and having a fit about eating.

“No. I not going to eat it. I do not like apples anymoooore.”

And then she yells:


And then I said it. “Sarah? Are you being rude to Mommy?”

Oh for heaven’s sake! She totally froze in complete horror. Then her lower lip came out and it is a big lip, let me tell you. And she just would not move. And her tiny little cheeks got all red and she would not look at me and tears started to run down her face.

And she stayed that way for 4 minutes.

I had to leave the room so I could laugh like a mad woman. No, I could not take a picture, but I so wanted to because it was just so darn precious.

When I reentered the kitchen she was still frozen and not looking at me and I had to try to get out the obligatory speech while trying to not laugh, but she got the point.

A few minutes later she began to eat and gave me a hug and said she was “Sawry.”

I am going to hope that hormones skip Sarah in a few years, but if they do appear, it will help to stick that lower lip out and cry. Maybe then she won’t be named Sybil Jr.

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