Gettin’ Jiggy With It

Friday night we arrived at the school, for the dance, promptly at 6PM. We were all freshly coiffed and ready–to-go, not really sure what the night had in store for our little 10 year old. However, no one was more excited than Sarah, our 2 year old, to dance the night away.

Emily’s friend, AKA The Boy, his brother, and mom arrived just before us. We made small talk while The Boy circled Emily. Neither actually spoke to one another except to mutter “Hello.”

Gosh I love kids.

They spied their friends and all ran to the gym to goof around and listen to the music.

Sarah had her own agenda… she ran to the gym too. She ran right up to where the DJ was, stood under the spotlight and, well, got jiggy with it!

Sarah loves to dance… and kick and twirl and shake it.

She was the only kid on the floor, dancing and grooving away. Emily, The Boy and all of their friends rushed over to her because not one of them would dance alone. Add a 2-year-old into the mix and everyone will dance with a 2-year-old! Am I right?

The entire dance lasted 2 hours.

Limbo, conga line, hula hoop contest… the list goes on and on.

Sarah danced just about the entire time while a group of parents and kids fawned all over her.

Emily, The Boy and their friends, goofed around, played a rather long game of keep away with The Boy’s hat and had snow cones with Sarah.

It was the most perfect dance.

And then with a half hour left, The Boy came up to me while I was getting some water with Sarah.

The Boy: Why won’t Emily dance with me?

Me: Well, it seems like all you kids are dancing together. (And when I say dance, I mean ever-so-slightly- bouncing up and down to the music.) You could ask her, but it looks to me like you are all having fun, right?

The Boy: Yeah, it is a fun time! See ya!

I went up to Emily as surreptitiously as I could and filled her in on the conversation with The Boy just in case he did actually ask her to dance with him. She looked happy.

Then she scooped up Sarah, who was quite happy doing her own thing, and she spent the rest of the night dancing with her sister. Just like she said she would do.

I have had a slight spring in my step these past few days. I have to say, it was all because The Boy came up and talked to me and asked me about dancing with Emily.

You see, I have watched these kids grow up since Kindergarten and I volunteered in their rooms for 3 years straight even teaching an advanced math group while cradling a baby Sarah for an entire year.

I have seen them pick their noses, learn to read, count, make friends … I have seen them grow up! After that dance, I learned that I have become the mom that I wanted to be.

They know I am strict, but also fun. They know that if their parent can’t come to the chorus concert, I will make sure to wave at them too. The kind of mom that in one sentence can talk about the Black Eyed Peas and the next sentence is saying that the comment they just made isn’t very nice. And they respect that.

I have become the kind of mom that Emily’s friends feel that they can talk to. Yes, they talk to me all of the time, but this one was an important one. It was cool and it felt great.

We didn’t need a limo to make this night memorable. This is something I will never forget.


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