I Could Be Dead Now and You Would Never Know!

**Don’t forget to think about your Feel Good Friday post. What is Feel Good Friday? In case you missed it, click here to find out.**

When do you write?

Do you write the same day your post is published?

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I do not write the same day as my post is published. I have a whole long list of scheduled posts to come out. If something happens that is really exciting I try to write it and post the next day, but basically, you are reading about what has happened to me, oh… about 7-10 days ago!

I figure that in case we get sick over here or something terrible happens, I will be prepared and not have to scramble.

Usually, after the weekend I have a ton of ideas and then spend the next 2 days just writing and writing.

So, tell me! What’s your blogging system? 


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