Feel Good Friday: That is my spot. I was here first.

Today’s Feel Good Friday Post is about something we do that makes us feel good (sort of?) for our pets.  What is Feel Good Friday? In case you missed it, click here to find out.


There’s a big joke going on over here. We have a very large dog bed that the cat sleeps on. I am not sure if our dogs have actually ever slept on it. The play with it and play tug of war with it, but really have never slept on it.

A year ago if the dogs were sleeping on the sofas and we wanted to sit where they were, well, we would just pull them off. No big deal. They would jump back up and contort their bodies to find another, smaller spot next to us.

Then Emma gets bone cancer, has her leg amputated and she can sleep wherever she darn well wants to. We can find a folding chair. Don’t mind us. We are just happy you are here.

Now what did we do about Jack? Apparently we felt it is rude to let Emma stay on the couch and then move Jack to the floor. I mean, my gosh, it would hurt his feelings! No, no, we can’t have that.

So, it is 2 months later and Emma is doing excellent. She has been amputated and healed and her chemo is going great. She is running and playing and she is back to being her old, spunky self.

But she is also one smart cookie.

We have started to move her off of the sofa like we used to. And she does not like it one little bit. She doesn’t want to have to readjust. Nuh-uh.

So, now, it has become a game of sorts.

Both dogs used to happily come into the girls bedrooms to say goodnight. Now, if they have a prime spot on the sofas, they stay put.

Should they dare to come in and say goodnight, you will see them give a quick lick and then race back down the hall to regain their highly coveted spot.

And then they have the gall to close their eyes as if they are sleeping! Ha!

On some occasions, I will actually give Emily a quicker kiss and run to beat them. What can I say? I value my spot on the sofa.

That is my spot. I was here first.

But, alas, the other night they didn’t relinquish their spots and this is what Tyler and I came out to:

What do you think? Did we move them?

No. They looked too comfy and cute. Tyler sat elsewhere, and he felt good about it taboot!

Notice the open spot on the big sofa? That is my spot. At least they are learning!

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