We’re Here Because of Jack Bauer

5:17 PM – The Kitchen

I am making dinner and reading a funny post by Susan Tipton. She mentions toddlers and night terrors / nightmares in her post about Language Development. I smile and I think to myself, “Gosh, thank goodness, we have never had that problem.”

6:45 PM

Put Sarah to bed.

7:00 PM

Tyler and I sit down and begin to watch the 4 hours of the new season of 24 that we have on our DVR.

7:40 PM

Put Emily to bed.

8:15 PM

Get snacks. Begin Hour #2

9:00 PM

Hour #2 ends. It is our normal bedtime. Look at each other, silently nod in agreement and begin hour #3

9:40 PM

(Yawn) Look at each other again. Nod, high five and hit the Play Button to begin Hour #4

10:20 PM

We have successfully completed our 4 hour “24” event! Yay us! Wait, what is that? Over the baby monitor Sarah is screaming and crying. I race to her room. She is standing by her bed, crying a cry that I haven’t heard before.

She collapses into our arms and continues to cry. Forehead is cool. Diaper is dry.

“I lost my balllllll. I lost my little baaaallllll. I can’t find my favorite baaallll!” She wails. The “Ball” in question is a teeny tiny ball we got out of a vending machine over the weekend that is hiding in my car, yet to be found. She must have dreamt about it.

Why did I have to be thankful earlier in the day for the girls NOT having nightmares? Every single time I say things like that it comes back to bite me in the ass.


Sarah won’t get back into her bed. She wants to snuggle with us in our bed. She has never slept with us before, so this one is going to be interesting….

11:00 PM

Boy is someone chatty in the wee hours of the night. I turn on Letterman – maybe that will put her to sleep.

11:05 PM

Yep. Letterman did the trick.

I am kind of laughing and Tyler looks at me funny.

“What is it?” he asks.

“If it weren’t for Jack Bauer, and us staying up so late, we might not have heard her.” I say.


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