Can You Smell It?

Spring is here!!!

Yes, I do live in Minnesota.

Yes, there is a foot or more of snow on the ground.

Yes, it is freaking cold outside.

No, I am not a lunatic.

It is February 1st and, to me, today is the first day of spring.


I spent my entire working career at a golf course and when I would turn the calendar over to February 1st each year I broke out into a sweat. There was just so much to do, so much to get ready for. We would be open for the season soon.

Work with me here…

February is, like, not even a month it is so short and goes by so fast. Plus, usually in February we get a few really warm days. It may even hit 40!!

Once March hits, well, sometimes, we would even open by the end of the month. Ok, we opened that one time in 10 years, but it happened because spring was here!!!!!

March can bring 8 inches of snow one day and the next day it can be 60 and isn’t it just wonderful?

I simply love this time of the year!!!!

I must get ready. There is so much to do with spring cleaning and all.

Yes, it is true I haven’t worked at a golf course for 10 years.

No, nobody in my family shares my excitement. Mostly eye rolls.

No, I won’t be out buying swimsuits just yet. I will wait until May when Back-to-School clothes come out and swimsuits are gone.

Spring is here. I can smell it in the air.


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