Playing Beauty Shop with Mommy

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If you think this is a cute post about my kids, you are wrong. Dead wrong.

This is about my mother, or rather, my Muh-Therrrr.

This is what she had me do to her hair.

She is 66 years old.

It is really no wonder I never drank or did drugs or put out as a teenager. She was the wacky one and I just went the other way…

I worked at a golf course and wore khaki pants and polo shirts… and I never, ever swore.


HOLY SHIT!!!! SHE HAS RED STREAKS IN HER HAIR – and I was her accomplice.

I suppose it is never too late to start drinking….

She called me and asked if I still had the hair color thingy that I used for Emily a couple of years ago.

I did.

She was over the next day.

I put in one streak and told her to sit on it for awhile.

She wanted more.

She wanted symmetry. I get that.

I put more and more and more streaks in her hair and finally I had to cut the lady off already!

She does look darn cute though.

You know what? Just because she is 66, does that mean that she can’t do fun things?


My mom’s motto has always been that she doesn’t give a darn about what people think as long as she is not hurting anyone and it makes her happy.


And that is very, very cool.


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