Darn Pudding Pops.

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Tuesdays are grocery day.

I plan my menus for the entire week and organize my list by aisle.

It is like a game to me. Sarah and I drop Emily off at school and are at the store by 9:15 AM. Usually we are home before 10:00 AM.

It is truly a work of art.

I do not spend a lot of time mulling over what to buy. If it is not on the list – forget it. Consequently because of my little “game” I do not have hardly any impulse purchases or “fun food” as we call it.

Yes, we do have “fun food” on hand, but not in quantities fit for the Super Bowl.

Now, on the rare occasions that Tyler shops for me, we wait in anticipation for him to come home because he totally goes off the list and buys a ton of “fun food.” This is fine for rare occasions, but not for every week.

Two weeks ago, when I hurt my neck, we all shopped at night together and I was on board with the “fun food” because I was in pain. It is simple math, really:



So the following week I was better and got back into my routine.

This week Emily came to me and said how she really liked spending time with all of us at the grocery store and asked if we could all go together again.

Awww…Isn’t that sweet?

We all went to the store and I thought we were doing great. We were zooming around checking things off the list and we were almost done. We had headed out of Dairy and were onto the Meat section.

I said something and no one responded. I looked behind me and Tyler and Emily were nowhere to be found! I backtracked to find them in the ice cream aisle.

They had a tub of vanilla and then were deciding what else to buy! What more do we need?

I got pushed out of the aisle, but I came back. I am very resilient.

Now they had a tub of vanilla, drumsticks and ice cream treats for DOGS!

“Absolutely NOT! Emma is in chemo and I am not giving her new food that could make her throw up. Then we wouldn’t know if it was the chemo or the ice cream. NO!”

They put it back, but I got pushed out of the aisle again.

But I came back, pointing at my watch.

“Do you have any idea how much time you are taking in this aisle? We should be in the car by now!!!” I squawked.

“These are very important decisions, Babe.” Said Tyler.

“Put the drumsticks back! Let’s go!” I demanded.

“Hey Hon, look, pudding pops!” Tyler said with a hint of victory in his voice.

“Mmmmm. I like Pudding Pops. I haven’t had one since I was little. OK. Get the Pudding Pops. Let’s go.”

I am pretty sure Tyler and Emily did a high five behind my back.

I can’t believe they got me with Pudding Pops.


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