Feel Good Friday – I Shall Practice Now.

**What is Feel Good Friday? Click here to find out and join in!**

In light of my mom streaking her hair with red at age 66, today I am choosing a poem that I have had hanging on my fridge for years. I read it once and awhile if I struggle with conformity and this poem always gives me little goose bumps and then I feel back on track.

From what I read and see in real life, moms struggle with conformity. What will people think if my kid leaves the house in stripes and polka dots? What will the teacher think if…? What will the doctor think if…? What will the neighbors think if…

It is kind of exhausting, really.

And, more importantly, who cares?

I do not want to be a Stepford wife or raise Stepford children.

I have a t-shirt. It is Happy Bunny and says,

“Crazy Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It”

It makes me laugh every single time I wear it. It is almost worn out I love it so much.

Once I wore it up to school to volunteer for the 12th hour that week and do you know what? I got judged… openly to my face. These people knew me. But I did something different (gasp) from my normal sweater set/polo shirt attire.

I wasn’t hurting anybody or offending anybody, I just did something that made me really happy.

I have a boatload of shirts now; Elmo, Sesame Street, Smurfs, ones with quotes and sayings. In my own way, I am “practicing now and making up for the sobriety of my youth” and it really makes me feel good.

I hope you enjoy the poem.
 More importantly, I hope it makes YOU feel GOOD too.


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