Awards Love is in the Air, Part Deux

Way back in December 2009, I received the Honest Scrap Award from Melissa at My Life and How Its Going.  She is simply the sweetest blogger out there.   Thank you Melissa!!!!!

Along with the award I am supposed to list 10 Honest Things About Me and My Life.  Then pass the award to 5 bloggers.  Here goes:

1.  I totally lie to my kids all of the time.  Emily is onto me, but Sarah has no idea that the park is never “closed for repairs,” or that we can’t eat dessert “because it is Tuesday”.

2.  I worry that I will get get some horrible illness and die before my kids are grown.

3.  Walking into my bedroom always makes me feel like I am on vacation, it is so pretty.

4.  I have become totally superstittous since having kids.  For instance, we must have Kleenex on hand or someone will for sure get a cold.

5.  I love to look at Tyler when he does not notice.  Sometimes I just need to soak him in.

6.  I think my coffee tastes better in some cups rather than others.

7.  I am actually kind of a shy person until you get to know me.  I am NOT the life of a party.

8.  I kept Emily home from a field trip once because they wouldn’t allow chaperones and lost a kid the previous time, so I said she was sick.

9.  When I was in my twenties, I was in a real bad relationship.  I got into an elevator in our apartment and heard a voice that said “Get Out.  Get Out Now!”  I was alone in the elevator at the time, but the boyfriend called from work and was really pissed off, so I took the advice, called my dad, and the 2 of us packed me up and moved me out in 2 hours before the boyfriend came home.

10.  I am deathly afraid of hearing a voice again.

The following Bloggers are awesome and very interesting.  This award is for you!







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