Laughing is Good.

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Tyler and I have been laughing a lot lately.

Perhaps it is because it is the time of year when we first met and we are remembering those first giddy moments of falling in love.

More likely, it is the fact that nobody is sick or injured and the girls have been kind and haven’t sucked the life out of us lately.

We have been laughing quite a bit.

For 14 days straight actually.

Yep, laughing is good.

When we first met, all we did is laugh and play golf…and shop and eat out. Good times, good times.

Then we had got married and had a baby.

A friend told us that if you put a penny in a jar for every time you laugh before you get married, and then take a penny out for every time you laugh after you get married; you will spend the rest of your life trying to empty that jar.

What the…!

We got married, had a baby and sometimes life takes precedence over laughing. Sad, but true.

He’s sick, I’m sick, they’re sick.


He hurts his back, I hurt my neck.


So when the stars do align and everyone is well, you just gotta laugh as much as you can.

Oh yes, and one more very important thing: Whereas lots of laughter is full of the awesome, it does not equal getting a new TV!  Just so ya know.

The End.


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