Bald is Beautiful!

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A couple of years ago Tyler told me that if he starts to lose his hair, he is going to shave it all off instead of waiting for the inevitable.

     I did not take him seriously.

This year he said when he turned 40 he was going to do it.

     I did not take him seriously.

Then he bought a shaver specifically designed to shave one’s head.

     I should have taken more “before” pictures.

It is what is on the inside that counts, right?

He always has been super supportive of all of my changes.

“Go ahead and do it!” he said when I wanted to color my blond hair to brown.

“Sure, cut it!” he said when I wanted to chop off 8 inches of my hair.

So I felt a little shallow asking him 42,694 times if he is sure he wants to do it.

He was sure. Luckily, he has a really cute head.

He had me do it in front of the girls so they wouldn’t be shocked at the transformation.



Sarah cried the entire time saying, “OH NO YOUR HAIR! YOUR PRETTY PRETTY HAIR”

Apparently, I need to work on better values for her.

The best part of it all is seeing Tyler jump when he looks at himself in the mirror. He isn’t used to it yet since he rarely looks in the mirror.

I am used to it. I love it!! He looks kind of bad ass, like he is ready for a rumble.

Although, I still ask him if he is planning to grow it back out again.


How would you feel if your husband shaved his head? Does your husband care what you do?


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