Feel Good Friday: The Man on The Bench

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For today’s Feel Good Friday post I am writing about something I treasure more than anything.

I had been divorced for 4 years and I was so happy. I loved my life and, to me, nothing could make it better.

One night I had finished up watching The Gilmore Girls and I hopped online and decided to check out Match.com, that my dad had suggested, and I created a profile. I do not know what inspired me, perhaps the romantic within? I was not looking for love at all.

“I found love, didn’t even know I needed it

But I found love, never even crossed my mind

I found love, had a garden never weeded it

But I found love, took an apple just in time…”

The very next day I received a ton of emails. But there was one that stood out.

This man got a reference I made to the show Seinfeld; a real inside joke. Plus he golfed and was very sincere, not just looking to get laid, like the other emails I received (ick).

We emailed back and forth and then after making sure he wasn’t on America’s Most Wanted, I said he could call me. After talking on the phone a few times I said that I would meet him.

So on February 12th, we agreed to meet at Applebees in the mall.

I got there ridiculously early, as always, so I parked at the far end of the mall to waste some time. As I was walking I saw a man sitting on a bench.

I was close enough to see him, but not clearly. He looked so happy, so peaceful, sitting there with his coat in his hands waiting for someone. His wife? His kids?

This is the kind of man I want to meet, I thought.

As I got closer I could tell that he resembled the man I was supposed to meet. I couldn’t believe someone would get to the mall as early as me, but it is possible, right?

Yes, it was possible. We did an awkward handshake / hug “Hello” and then we went to eat.

We stayed there for 2 ½ hours talking. It was electric.

“I found love in the spring and I did not lose a thing

I found love in the fall and it did not hurt at all

I found sunlight and flowers, soft summer showers.

I can feel my heart touch my Adams apple

I can feel the feather in my head

There is a lightness, politeness, fingers tingle, tootsies tap

‘till dawn comes and finds me never in my bed…”

At the end of the date, just as we were saying good-bye, he reached under his coat and gave me a box of truffles tied with this red ribbon:

I came home and took off the ribbon and placed it on the handle of the kitchen cupboard where it sits today. I have never ever moved it.
“I found love in this world and my heart strings just unfurled”

I see this ribbon every, single day and it makes me feel so good and it always makes me laugh like hell…

You see, Tyler is a chocolate JUNKIE. I know that if we had met that day, and I had turned out to be a dud of a date, he was going to keep the candy for himself. I JUST KNOW IT!!! That is why he kept the candy hidden until the end!!!!

He denies it, of course, and every year when we go back to Applebees on the 12th, we always have a heated discussion about it!

“I Found Love” by The Free Design; Gilmore Girls Soundtrack.
 Hearing this song always brings me back to that magical time… enjoy! 
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