Channeling Cliff

I swear I am turning into my Grandpa Cliff. You know, the dead one I saw the day before Christmas?

Here is his picture from a very long time ago:

I do not know how it has happened. I have started to answer the phone the same way he does:


I only do this to 2 people, my mom and Tyler.  Grandpa would do it to everyone who called and that was before Caller ID.  It was just “his way.”

No sweet “Hello” or “Hi”, just a simple “Ya”

Thanks to caller ID, I know who is calling, let’s skip the pleasantries and get to the reason you are calling me already.

Tyler called twice on Thursday. The first time he called was to tell me about Emma.

4 hours later he calls and, well, this is how we really did talk to each other. Trust me, there is so much love here, we are not being rude:

(ring, ring)

Me: Ya!

Tyler: What do you mean “YA” Can’t you say Hello? Can’t you be nice?

Me: Well I thought it was more bad news.

Tyler: Even if it was bad news, then I would especially want a nicer greeting.

Me: Well.Why.Don’t.You.Freakin’.Call.Me.Back.Then.And.I.Will.Greet.You.A.New.Way!

Tyler: No, no. You are scaring me now.

Now, I want it to be known that I also answer the phone to him this way:

(ring ring)

Me: Hey there sexy pants! How is your day?

Tyler: You can’t call me that now. I am not there to act on it.

So basically folks, I just can’t win!

I used to feel bad about it until I started realizing that Tyler answers his calls with a “Hey” which is just as abrupt of a greeting as “YA.”

As far as my mom is concerned, I never say “Hello”. I will say “Hi” the first time she calls, but she usually calls back 3 times because she finally remembered what she forgot to tell me the first two times, so in my defense a “Ya!” is completely appropriate.

How do I end the call you ask? Always with a “loveyoubye”.

I do say it that fast, but I have to say “Love You Bye” on each and every call, or I am certain something terrible will happen and I will always regret not saying I Love You!

So, how do YOU answer the phone. Are you like me?


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